How We Can Make A Difference

Customized Care Kits

Most of the time when a child is taken from their biological home and placed in their new foster home, they have little to no belongings with them. Often the foster family has little to no time to prepare before the child arrives. To make that transition easier, we will provide kids with a care kit that includes clothes, personal hygiene products, bedding, and food for the first couple meals. All items will be custom to the child.

Additional Therapy Assistance

We will pay for any additional therapy that a child requires.

Extracurricular Activities

To encourage foster children to make new friends and build a strong sense of identity, we will pay for extra curricular activities.  Examples include: football, basketball, dance, baseball, softball.

Help with Household Chores

To help support great foster parents, many of whom work full-time, we will pay for a monthly cleaning service and outsource the foster kids’ laundry. This allows the foster parents to spend additional quality time with the children. 

A "Flower Pot" Fund

Whitney Eagleburger, Foster Kids KC founder, has fond memories of her grandpa’s flower pot that held emergency cash for the grandkids. Much like that, funds will be available to foster kids and families in times of need or emergency.